Tuoi 25 (Age 25)

Le Cat Trong Ly

The 2nd album "Ly Tuoi 25" records the songs that Ly performed in the show "Ly Tuoi 25" for Hanoi students in May 2012. As a live recording album, the sound of “Ly Tuoi 25" is still so clear that some people suspect that the clappings by the audiences were added. Nine songs are seemingly much less than what Ly experienced during the past 2 years. "Ly tuoi 25" is waiting for each person to feel the intensity in their own way.

  1. INTRODUCE MUA XUAN - Introduce Spring
  2. THUONG - Loving
  3. CON DUONG LA - A Strange Road
  4. THU LU
  5. CHUA AI - No One Yet
  6. KHONG TEN - No Name
  7. MONG DU (NGUOI LANG THANG) - A Wanderer
  8. TAM CHU CO - There Were...
  9. NHIEU NGUOI OM GIAC MO - A Lot of People Who Embrace Dreams