Nhung Ke Mong Mo (Dreamers)

Le Cat Trong Ly

This album compiles 4 years of work by Ly. They may not be the perfect recordings in the studio. All of the songs were recorded from Ly's live performances on the stage from 2011 to 2015. It captures both sad and happy moments, sounds of music, breathing, love, separation, coughing, honking, barking, time, space; and this will never happen again. Ly hopes that you find yourself in love and sparkling dreams.

  1. NGHE TOI KE NAY - Listen to Me Telling the Stories
  2. NHANH NHANH QUA - Going So Fast
  3. CUOI ADAM - Adam Smile
  4. NHU LA - Like...
  5. NGHEO - Poor
  6. CON DUONG SANTIAGO - Santiago Road
  7. DOI BO - Two Sides of the River
  8. NAY LAM OI - Hey Lam
  9. CAO HON VI SAO - Beyond the Stars
  10. BEN VANG - A Deserted Ferry