Chang The Chia Ra Lam Doi (Cannot be Split in Two)

Le Cat Trong Ly

This is a special project by Ly and artist Nguyen Thanh Tu (composing/arranging) playing with outstanding Vietnamese artists: Pianist - Cao Thanh Lan and Oboist - Nguyen Hoang Tung. Thanks to the kindness of Papa Philippe and the talented artist, Francis Cabrel, the album was recorded in his personal studio in a southern French village in the summer of 2017, under the support of recording, mixing and mastering by the sound expert Sebastien Bramardi. The album consists of 6 songs which are also 6 puzzles. Each song itself is a riddle that listeners can ponder with their family or relatives or contemplate by themselves to figure out what Ly is puzzling about. However, these riddles were originally created by a close friend of Ly; Ms. Phan An, and rewritten by Ly into a new fairy tale to make these songs.

  1. BAN HUNG CA HAY LOI AI OAN - An Epic Song or Wailing Words
  2. DUOI MUA DUNG BUOC - Stop Under the Rain
  3. CON QUY AN TEN - A Devil Eats Names
  4. TA NHE NANH TO - The One Who Shows its Big Fangs
  5. CHANG THE CHIA RA LAM DOI - Cannot be Split in Two
  6. CHUYEN CHANG KE DUOC DAU - The Story Cannot be Told